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The Art of Wellness Counseling Center, INC

The purpose for organizing a non-profit corporation is attending to community needs and lawful charitable purposes for public benefit. Relieving the poor, distressed or the underprivileged when an individual in the United States perceives either a personal problem or one involving society, he or she does not always have to turn to the government for resolution, and often the individual needs to utilize non-governmental means to remedy or at least address personal and social problems.

Since I started my private practice I have realized that a large number of people who have immigrated to the United States are lonely and confused. When they seek therapy, they prefer a professional who understands their culture and speaks their language. I have also learned that many of them including young students cannot afford therapy because of the relatively high fees associated with therapy. I have been treating several Iranian/American clients from varies University and Colleges who could not afford my full fee. They tell me about their need for help and how therapy helps them with decision making, having healthier relationships and being able to function better in society and life. Majority of them ask for discounts and lower fees to be able to continue. I have been advised that if I had a non-profit organization some more fortunate people might be able to help these clients to receive the help by donating funds.

Cultural similarities in the therapeutic dyad can enhance the treatment by facilitating understanding regarding cultural traditions and language. Cultural differences among psychologists have a major part to play in addressing issues such as identity, belongingness and culture in the light of globalization, mass migration and mass communication. Interest within psychology in ‘culture’ is both a newly emerging area of psychology, known as cultural psychology, and a long established tradition, known as cross-cultural psychology.

Our purpose is to operate a counseling center for relief of emotionally distressed and underprivileged individuals to promote mental health to benefit the public and society. We will offer low fee and free counseling services to lower socioeconomic and emotionally distressed individuals, couples, families, and adolescents by licensed therapists in order to promote public and mental health benefit. This partnership between government and non-profit organizations to recognize the psychological status of ethnic populations benefits the members of public, for those who volunteer in such work, and also carries the application of private wealth to specific public purpose. This would create a win-win situation for all parties involved for the public to receive common services, which is not available to them to begin with, for a government, which cannot be a remedy for all public problems and for non-profit organizations to provide services for a specific public purpose.

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